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If you are a fan of Almond Joy’s, then you’re going to love these Almond Joy Tarts. These creamy-dreamy coconut filled tarts are a cinch to make, but they do require some planning because the tart dough and the white chocolate ganache require chilling time. However, if you make the tart dough and white chocolate ganache the day before then it is smooth sailing into a coconutty dream. Almond Joy’s are my favorite candy bar around and it just so happens to be Andrew’s favorite too, so when I spotted this recipe it was just a matter of time before I had to give it a try. I surprised Andrew with these individual almond joy tarts for Valentine’s Day dessert. I served them up with a scoop of Graeter’s Chocolate Coconut Almond Chip and it was one of the best desserts we have had in a long time. If you don’t have little tart…

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